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Fortunately, CCTV technology is actually quite reliable by nature so most of the support calls we receive are as a result of one of two things happening;

  • The power to your CCTV system has been compromised. This can be as a result of a power cut to your property, for example.
  • The IP address for your broadband has changed, usually because you've changed your router or your Internet service provider (ISP).

IMPORTANT: There are some aspects of your home environment that have an influence over the running of your CCTV system but which we simply cannot control. Your electricity supply is one and the external IP address of your broadband connection is another. Please don't hold us responsible if either of these causes a malfunction with your CCTV system. Of course we'll try our best to help and get you back up and running as soon as possible but please be aware that if a call-out is required as a result of what we refer to as an outside influence, then a standard call-out charge will be applicable.

BUT REST ASSURED... if you ever need to talk to someone or are slightly unsure about any aspect of your new CCTV system, there’ll always be someone at the end of a phone (9:00 - 17:00, Monday to Friday).

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And while we provide this page as a 'first port-of-call', Security Solutions UK offers 24-hour emergency call-out, so in the unlikely event that your system does encounter a problem, you can always just call us. We'll try our best to resolve your issue over the phone but if required, we'll organise someone to come out to you within four hours, whatever the time of day or night.

08456 732873